Elsie Carlisle in “Pennies from Heaven”

I wonder how many people first encountered Elsie Carlisle’s music through the 1978 Dennis Potter BBC television series Pennies from Heaven (or through the 1981 movie based on it)?

This clip has Cheryl Campbell miming “You’ve Got Me Crying Again”:

Dennis Potter's 'Pennies From Heaven' – 'You've Got Me Crying Again'

Dennis Potter’s ‘Pennies From Heaven’ – ‘You’ve Got Me Crying Again’

Video from songanddanceman1234 (YouTube)

And here is Bob Hoskins miming “The Clouds Will Soon Roll By” (the Ambrose version):

Dennis Potter's 'Pennies From Heaven' – 'The Clouds Will Soon Roll By'

Dennis Potter’s ‘Pennies From Heaven’ – ‘The Clouds Will Soon Roll By’

Video from songanddanceman1234 (YouTube)

“Ambrose’s Jubilee Cavalcade” Side 2 (1935)

“Ambrose’s Jubilee Cavalcade” continues on side two with Elsie Carlisle singing Irving Berlin’s “What’ll I Do?” There are also other songs of the ’20s and ’30s sung by Sam Browne and the Rhythm Sisters.


Ambrose’s Jubilee Cavalcade, Continued – Embassy Club, London

Video by Gernot Klawunn (YouTube)

“Ambrose’s Jubilee Cavalcade” Side 1 (1935)

On March 7, 1935, Ambrose and His Orchestra celebrated the twenty-fifth year of the reign of King George V with selections of songs popular since his accession to the throne. The first side of “Ambrose’s Jubilee Cavalcade,” which covers the years 1910-1923, features Elsie Carlisle singing “Lady Friend” (about a minute into the recording). Sam Browne and the Rhythm Sisters can also be heard in this recording.


Ambrose’s Jubilee Cavalcade – Embassy Club, London – Decca 12″

Video by Gernot Klawunn (YouTube)

Elsie Carlisle’s First Radio Broadcast (1926)

Eighty-eight years ago this very moment Elsie Carlisle made her first radio broadcast. Richard J. Johnson, in his biography in “Memory Lane” (Issue 175), relates

“[Elsie Carlisle’s] first ever broadcast on Radio was from 2.L.O on 1st March 1926 at 9:05pm to 10:00pm. With her on this auspicious day were the London Radio Dance Band conducted by Sidney Firman and Billy Mason (vocalist/piano). Elsie’s portion in the show started at 9:36pm with ‘Oh Boy! What A Girl,’ ‘I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight’ and ‘No Man’s Mama.’ The spot lasted six minutes but she returned later to sing ‘Then I’ll Be Happy’ and ‘Give Me Just A Little Bit Of Your Love.'”

Elsie Carlisle Postcard
The reverse of this postcard mentions Ambrose, so it can be no earlier than 1932, but the original photograph of which it is a tinted version was taken around 1926.