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Her Majesty the Baby

On April 15, 1896, Elsie Carlisle was baptized in the parish of St. James’, Collyhurst, in Greater Manchester. The parish registry gives the date of the baptism and lists her birth as having occurred earlier in the same year, on January 28. Her parents’ names were James and Mary Ellen. They lived at 7 Whitehead St., and her father was described as a greengrocer.

The baptismal font in use in St. James', Collyhurst in 1971
The baptismal font in use in St. James’, Collyhurst in 1971

And now, for a semi-topical musical interlude:

“His Majesty the Baby.” Music by Mabel Wayne, words by Neville Fleeson and Arthur Terker (1935). Recorded by Elsie Carlisle with Ambrose and His Orchestra on January 11, 1935. Decca F. 5379.

His Majesty The Baby. Ambrose & His Orchestra. 1935.

Video by 85scampi (YouTube)

Elsie recorded the song again the next day without Ambrose. Other versions made the very same month were by Henry Hall, Billy Merrin, the New Mayfair Dance Orchestra, Lou Preager, Harry Roy, Jay Wilbur, and Eddie Wood.

"The Idol of the Radio." British dance band singer of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.