"Just One More." Depiction of New Year's Party in the early 1930s.

“Just One More” (1932)

“Just One More.” Words by Stanley Lupino, music by Noel Gay. Composed for the film Sleepless Nights (1932). Recorded by Stanley Lupino and Elsie Carlisle in London on December 1, 1932. Decca F. 3319 mx. GB5275-3.

Stanley Lupino & Elsie Carlisle – “Just One More” (1932)

“Just One More” is the flip side of “I Don’t Want to Go to Bed” and is another Stanley Lupino/Noel Gay collaboration for the musical comedy Sleepless Nights. This Decca recording has Stanley Lupino singing a duet with Elsie Carlisle (who did not appear in the movie) and involves some remarkable spoken banter:

– “Hello, Elsie! How did you get on this side of the record?”
– “I came through the hole in the label!”

– “Wonderful! Lovely! Gorgeous!”
– “To what are you referring?”
– “You don’t mean that.”
– “I do!”
– “Oh, you haven’t seen me in the morning!”
– “Oh, may I???
“Oh, Mr. Lupino!”

– “I love that curl on the back of your neck.”
– “Do you?”
– “Yes. May I kiss it?”
– “Oh, no.”
– “Ah, yes!
– “Oh, no!”
– “Ah, yes!”
– “Oh, no…”
– “I shall!”
– “You have!

There is a sound at end of the recording that is especially precious.  Listen for it, and Happy New Year!

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