"The Girl in the Hansom Cab" (1937). Detail from original sheet music.

“The Girl in the Hansom Cab” (1937)

“The Girl in the Hansom Cab.” Words and music by Jimmy Kennedy (1937). Recorded by Jack Harris and His Orchestra, with vocals by Elsie Carlisle, on November 1, 1937. HMV B. D. 5289 mx. OEA 5119-1.

Elsie Carlisle (w. Jack Harris) – “The Girl in the Hansom Cab” (1937)

“The Girl in the Hansom Cab” was composed by Jimmy Kennedy in 1937. Kennedy was a prolific lyricist and composer, with such well-known songs as “Isle of Capri” (1934), and “South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)” (1939) to his name, but “The Girl in the Hansom Cab” does not seem to be one of his more frequently covered compositions. It involves a chorus girl who marries up (although her having committed bigamy is suggested!), and the song employs the sort of barely veiled sexual innuendo so perfectly suited to Elsie’s comic delivery. Lyrics.

"The Girl in the Hansom Cab." Sheet music featuring Elsie Carlisle's image (1937).

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