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“Tell Me More About Love” (1929)

“Tell Me More About Love.” Words and music by Bert Page. Recorded by Elsie Carlisle, accompanied by Jay Wilbur and His Orchestra (uncredited) c. late June 1929. Dominion A. 168.

Personnel: Laurie Payne-Jimmy Gordon-cl-as-bar / George Clarkson-cl-as-ts / Norman Cole-vn / vn / vn / Billy Thorburn-p / Dave Thomas or Bert Thomas-bj-g / Harry Evans-sb / Jack Kosky-d

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Elsie Carlisle – “Tell Me More About Love”

Transfer by Mick Johnson

Elsie Carlisle’s perky and chatty delivery in “Tell Me More About Love” showcases her talent for dramatizing a song and making it somewhat conversational, in spite of the absence of an interlocutor. Here Elsie’s delivery  sounds a bit like that of Helen Kane, minus, of course, the exaggerated Bronx accent. Her romantic whimper at the end of the song is particularly precious, rivaled, perhaps, only by the primal girlish giggle in “Wasn’t It Nice?” (recorded the next year). A light  and upbeat piece of music, “Tell Me More About Love” contrasts nicely with Elsie’s decidedly plaintive rendition of “Mean to Me” on the flip side of the record.

“Tell Me More About Love” was also recorded that year by Mabel Marks, the Arcadians Dance Orchestra (Bert and John Firman), Florence Oldham (accompanied by Sid Bright on the piano and Len Fillis on the guitar — Oldham  is sometimes portrayed on the sheet music), Kay and Kaye (Stanley Kirkby & Rita Bernard), and Billy Bartholomew, an English bandleader who recorded primarily in Germany from 1924-1938.

Six Dominion Recordings (1929)

Between the end of 1928 and March 1930 Elsie Carlisle recorded nine records with the Dominion label under the musical direction of Jay Wilbur. Mick Johnson of the 78rpm Collectors’ Community has shared both sides of three of these records:

“Is There Anything Wrong In That?” Michael H. Cleary (m); Herb Magidson (w) (1928). Recorded by Elsie Carlisle in London, c. February 1929. Dominion A83.

Elsie Carlisle – “Is There Anything Wrong in That?”


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"The Idol of the Radio." British dance band singer of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

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